Yikes! Best Buy vs. Heidi

I checked out Best Buy’s Geek Squad service today for the first time. I just wanted to see what they offer for how much.
The diagnostic & repair service for a computer, something I do a lot of, costs $349.00. Oh my! I usually charge $80 for whatever diagnostic and repair services are needed. Diagnostic/evaluation alone is free – doesn’t usually take very long, and that allows my client the option of figuring out if the price is worth it for them. Of course hardware (or software, rarely) is extra – about what it costs me – and hard drive replacements are $120+ hardware (they’re a real pain in the butt). I had no idea Best Buy was charging that much! For $350, you can often buy a new (although outdated) computer at Tigerdirect.com.
I guess if I actually charged for the true amount of time that I spend fixing computers, I might be charging that much… but then no one could afford to have their computers fixed.

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