Why “Ridgerunner”?

How did I choose “Ridgerunner Consulting”? Well, I consult for ridgerunners. What’s a ridgerunner? The smart, crafty folks who live on the ridges of mountains in northcentral Pennsylvania. I got the idea from Jim Glimm’s Flatlanders and Ridgerunners, a wonderful little book of folk tales that Glimm collected. He died a while ago of cancer and Mansfield University has a scholarship fund in his name. Each spring there’s a bluegrass concert at the university to provide funds for the scholarship program. I also consult for flatlanders and folks who live on meadows and such. “Flatlander” is a somewhat derogatory term for folks who don’t live in the mountains, particularly those from the Philadelphia area. Flatlanders are known for their lack of skill in navigating life in the mountains.
This afternoon I was interviewed by a reporter for Buffalo Law Journal for an article about my decision to attend UB Law. (BLJ isn’t affiliated with the university, it’s where Erie County legal notices are published. Tioga County doesn’t have a law journal; we just publish in the Wellsboro Gazette. I’ll let y’all know if my interview is included in an article this week.

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