Bookstore request

In this post about the origin of the name “Ridgerunner Consulting,” I posted a link to the book’s page. I got an email yesterday from Kevin Coolidge, owner of From My Shelf bookstore in Wellsboro

I found your website through WNBT and I see you got your idea for Ridgerunner Consulting from Jim’s book. We sell Flatlanders & Ridgerunners here at From My Shelf Books. Actually, we helped get it back into print. Instead of a link to Amazon, how about a link to a local ridgerunner’s store?
Kevin Coolidge
From My Shelf Books

So, here ya go, Kevin.
Kevin & Kasey’s store can also be found on Facebook (or Kasey Cox’s profile) and their blog is at
As long as I am linking to Wellsboro business friends… here’s Wild Asaph Outfitters. Liz & Jennie are real outdoor pros. You should go talk to them.

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