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Expanding! Allen Street Consulting

My new business partner and I just launched our new Buffalo-based firm, Allen Street Consulting. We do all the QuickBooks consulting I’ve been doing for years, plus more small business and nonprofit consulting, tax prep, and bookkeeping. I’m very excited … Continue reading

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Now open for business!

I have returned from bar-review isolation! I took the New York state bar exam July 26 & 27 and then enjoyed some time off with Buffalo Infringement Festival and wonderful adventures with friends and family. My Buffalo-based business is now … Continue reading

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Info: About, Services, Contact

Want to know more about me? Visit the

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New resume, brochure

Here’s my current resume [pdf] – updated to include the successful “Save North Penn High School!” campaign. And here’s my spiffy consulting brochure [pdf]. Contact info 570-638-2486 heidi.i.jones @ < take out the spaces

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Save North Penn High School! and other projects…

I’ve been writing so much elsewhere that I’ve been neglecting this blog, mostly because I don’t think anyone reads it. What I’ve been up to recently: Save North Penn High School campaign. Southern Tioga School District administration is proposing to … Continue reading

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Working with WEDI

This summer I’m volunteering with Westminster Economic Development Initiative ( – they have a site but no content), a nonprofit organization that works to improve the West Side neighborhood of Buffalo, an area with very high rates of poverty and … Continue reading

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New resume

I updated my resume to incorporate my educational aspiration and my new mediation certification. I also cut well over two pages, increased the margins and the font size. It was strange to cut the details of the work I’ve been … Continue reading

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Buffalo Law Journal Law school seeks prospects, proponents from outside NY BY JODI SOKOLOWSKI BuffaloLaw Journal First-year student Heidi Jones feels comfortable at UB Law, in part because of an atmosphere she describes as noncompetitive. When Heidi Jones was researching law schools, … Continue reading

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Why “Ridgerunner”?

How did I choose “Ridgerunner Consulting”? Well, I consult for ridgerunners. What’s a ridgerunner? The smart, crafty folks who live on the ridges of mountains in northcentral Pennsylvania. I got the idea from Jim Glimm’s Flatlanders and Ridgerunners, a wonderful … Continue reading

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About my class at UB Law

Profile of UB Law Class of 2011 For comparison purposes, I got a 163 on the LSAT, my undergrad GPA was about 3.39, and I’m 36.

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